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Green Business Case

Payback & Funding


At Aerotherm Environmental we understand that funding and expenditure on energy and carbon reduction will be limited, unless there is a clear and attractive payback - equal to or better than all the other core business demands for capital investments and resources.

A key element of our service is to work with clients to identify the benefits, and, where appropriate, sources of funding for Green investments.

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Aerotherm Environmental benefits to Clients include:-


  • In depth, fully costed energy review and report by Aerotherm engineers and management
  • Proven energy savings potential prior to any investment proposal
  • Assistance with the business case - energy saving investments, risk assessments, implementation & maintenance costs
  • Identification + assistance with any finance – such as loans and grants like the EEF (Energy Efficiency Finance) scheme.
  • Realistic investment payback periods & business case calculations
  • Improved green credentials
  • Minimised Climate Change Levy
  • Improved P & L – the bottom line ….

The Carbon Trust say: “20% Energy saving can equal 5% Profit improvement”



Many prominent industrial businesses are already benefiting from our Aerotherm energy-saving installations.

We look forward to working with many more in future ...

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